Woody Phillips
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- May God continue to bless these United States of America -

“ Integrity, loyal friend, pursuit of excellence, compassion for the

helpless...these are just the first things that come to mind when I think

about Woody Phillips. He is excellent at anything he does. This is a rare

quality that can only happen through a conscious decision to "get it

right." He has applied this principle to songwriting, singing, recording,

photography, and in his personal relationships.

While I was riding with him in his car, I noticed some pet food and a

couple of bowls. He keeps them handy in case he sees a hungry,

abandoned dog or cat along the road that needs rescue. That’s why he

always has around ten animals at his house at any given time. I love that!

To sum it all up, Woody has a heart and a passion that comes through in

his work, his music and in his relationships with family, friends and the

animals fortunate enough to find their way into his life. What more could

a friend ask for? ”

Dean Slocum: Nashville, Tennessee
Thanks to Phyllis Reeves for the beautiful painting
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